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The Alarm

This job was going to be hers for sure. It would change everything for her. Change everything for all of them. Forever! “I feel a new beginning coming towards me and it’s running towards me with open arms.” Read more here

Her aroma

Sharing his life with his wife was the best thing that happened to him ever. Only after their marriage, did he really begin to enjoy love of his life. She added the flavour of happiness by her simple acts of thoughtfulness. Read more here

Mirrors can lie

They sat face to face in ‘Addiction’, their favourite coffee shop. Usually, the place oozed with contagious excitement. It felt different today. Both of them did not feel like grabbing their comforting cup of cappuccino. Read more here

I'll always miss those toddler hugs

I remember the time when my kid hadn’t started speaking yet, he spoke to me with his hugs. I love you Mom hug, I am happy to play hug, I am excited to see something hug, I want to say something hug, Hug me tight hug, hug me even tighter hug and a lot more. I could hear everything he wanted to tell me, without him saying a word. Read more here

The Surge

Trisha stood at Terminal 1A waiting to board the flight from Chicago to New Delhi. Clutching her over stuffed, sky blue handbag with one hand, she restlessly waited for the boarding announcement. Thoughts of her previous visit to India felt like tasting sour curd. But memories were like stubborn stains, the more you want to get rid of them, the longer they stay. Read more here

Is having an only child such a sin?

When people ask me how many kids I have, I always say “just” one. I reflect further to think why I used the word “just” when I did not really need to. The change in people’s expressions when I say that I have “just” one kid is so unique and equally unforgettable. Read more here

Making gratitude a lifestyle

I promise you these are not preachy words on a busy Thanksgiving morning. But, it’s that time of the year when it gets colder outside but warmer inside the house, surrounded by our loved ones. It’s also the season when hope and gratitude find a place in people’s hearts and homes. We all have our own struggles that we are facing every day and sometimes life is so hard that it’s a challenge to be grateful. But in happier times, I do put a few moments of my daily stress away and feel grateful for everyone and everything that makes my life worthwhile by bringing joy and adding value to it. Often during Thanksgiving, I have been drawn into discussions about how this season of giving makes people think beyond themselves. It’s important to count our blessings and be thankful for a lot of things that we take for granted otherwise. I recently fell into a discussion with my student friend Zach Freeland. “Finding value is a lot harder when you’re more fortunate,” he says. I was amazed at his w…

Breaking with tradition

Diwali is a celebration of good over evil, darkness over light and knowledge over ignorance. In India, Diwali surrounds us with excitement, extravagant shopping, fire crackers, exchanging gifts, feasting on lavish meals, wearing new clothes, buying jewelry and lighting up homes and neighborhoods with oil lamps. Streets are transformed into a whole new world, bustling with life, glittering with dazzling light bulbs, the air oozing with cheer, laughter and the spirit of festivity. A long stretch of holidays at work and school makes it possible for everyone to meet and greet loved ones living far away and spend quality time with those near and dear. Celebrations begin early in the day and last for days after the festival is over, leaving precious memories to linger in our minds. After moving to the United States in 2015, my definition of Diwali changed drastically. Though I followed all the traditions as I had in my home country, the feeling was never the same. The five-day festival tha…

The magic of a woman

"Where there is a woman there is magic." This is a line by Ntozake Shange, from her most acclaimed work, "For colored girls who have considered suicide/ When the Rainbow is Enuf." This was the prompt in my writing class today. I ended up writing something very cliched at first. But after listening to all the beautiful things that my fellow writers had written, I was inspired to try writing something new. Here's what I wrote. As women there is so much we give to the world by just playing our parts as mothers, sisters, daughters, wives or friends. We are so busy creating, enduring, persevering or loving unconditionally, that we often forget that we are all special in our own ways. Some of us have forgotten about the magic that lies within us and most of us don't even know that it's right here, in us and we don't have to go elsewhere looking for it.