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The art of making mistakes

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A little magic can take you a long way

"A little magic can take you a long way," _ Roal Dahl. This holds true for the prompt that was used in my writing group last week. We had to write about the things that make you feel like a kid again. I began writing about my grandmother, but a ton of other things emerged out of my pen, taking over my thought process and leading me to a place that I wanted to dwell in for a while. I surprised myself and that's what I love about this piece. My mind wandered in the lanes of nostalgia, with a beeline of memories that made me smile, starting with my nick names, to my eagerness in waiting to catch a glimpse of the rainbow, the sweet smell of jasmine flowers bunched up, ready to be tucked into my thick, long, black hair, glass bangles particularly in green and red colors embellished with gold dots, shimmery hair bands, scrunchies, living on a steady diet of Enid Blytons, Nancy Drews and comic books, fountain pens, fancy letter pads, satin bows and school uniforms. The ecst…

Messiah for prevention of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer. These two words have the power to send a shudder of fear, panic and worry through your body. Though treatments and awareness about this dreadful condition are growing, there is still ignorance about it, particularly in developing countries. In the face of this adversity, women like Dr. Lopamudra, who is a beacon of hope, with her tireless spirit and willingness to put in time, effort and pool in resources in order to make a transformative impact in the lives of women and men affected by breast cancer. Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy has been relentlessly working towards spreading awareness and working towards prevention of breast cancer. “Prevention & Early detection is the Key,” has always been motto. Visiting different parts of India and setting up camps, spreading awareness by distributing pamphlets of Breast Self Exam for Women & Men in local languages and trying to generate awareness not only at the community level but also among the youngsters. “Even educated wome…

Mother's Day

For a long time the only day I celebrated my mother was on her birthday. I would spend days writing poems, saving up money to buy her cards, chocolates and flowers or do something special for her. In my growing up years, Mother's Day did not exist. It came much later, along with the wisdom of how much a mother does for her children and that her sacrifices and unconditional love either go unnoticed or are taken for granted. The only other place which celebrated mothers was Bollywood movies and their highly emotional songs. Archies greeting cards was a close competitor. But now, Mother's Day is a universal celebration. The second Sunday of May is one day where my phone will buzz with non-stop messages and videos about the significance of it. Let me be honest. Being a mother myself, I also look forward to this day. Even if some of the messages that I get on my phone are repetitive or a little too flowery, I enjoy reading them. I find myself nodding in agreement to some of the qu…