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How I Wrote A Novel In 4 Months

I love writing! It has been a hobby of mine since I was 12 years old. As I grew older, my hobby soon turned into a passion, and then published books. As I continue to grow as a writer, I’ve developed a system of how I write my novels. I understand that not everyone will write a novel as fast as I have, still, I want to share how I wrote a novel in 4 months!1.Month One: Story and OutlineFor the first month, I write down a summary of the story. I write no more than a paragraph to start getting my writing juices flowing. Next, I write a chapter by chapter summary of what is happening in the plot. This structure I follow to set up my story: Chapters 1 through 6 are the opening/exposition, Chapters 7-15 are the rising action/climax, and Chapters 16 beyond is the falling action/resolution. I know that some chapters are maybe shorter or longer. Even in my books, it may not have this exact structure, but it’s a good layout to follow if you are stuck. 2.Month Two: Begin to Write!After I’ve out…

One Night

She remembered
the red brick walls,
standing tall between them,
the blue paint peeling off
from the windowpanes,
the slight tip of the chimney
visible from her balcony,
where he saw her for the first time,
her yellow dupatta waving to him
in the wind. The overhead tank on her terrace,
Where they held hands, stole kisses, counted stars on their fingertips,
and dreamed of holding each other,
for the rest of their lives. They waited for the nights
to meet, to talk, to see each other
under the soft light of the moon,
to feel the power of love,
and nourish the thoughts of being together,
to eternity. Until that one NIGHT
 that changed everything.
And she lost him,
forever. The impossible became possible.
She began living alone, without him.
She made up reasons on his behalf,
struggling to find out what happened to him that night.
But he never returned. Memories good, bad, and sweet,
now cling to her,
like greasy oil patches,
and stubborn stains,
born from careless cooking,
caused by distracte…

The Mask

My eyes are now the most powerful part of my face. With the mask covering my favorite shade of lipstick, my lips which have never been described in poetry, and making my voice louder than I would like it to be, my eyes have now learned to talk. They are also more observant than they were earlier. They now focus on people’s eyes, rather than their masks, when they talk to me.
My eyes want to feel everything and show everything that they feel. On the trips to the grocery store, watching the morning sunrise, meeting a familiar face on my evening walks, my eyes can now say a lot more than my words. I can feel them widen when they are surprised, smile when they are happy, talk when they are stimulated, stay content & happy to dream, when they are closed. They have invented a language of their own and speak their mind boldly. 
Thanks to the mask!

On a more serious note, we all know how important wearing masks are right now.
Please check out my friend's blog if you want to learn how to …