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Messiah for prevention of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer. These two words have the power to send a shudder of fear, panic and worry through your body. Though treatments and awareness about this dreadful condition are growing, there is still ignorance about it, particularly in developing countries. In the face of this adversity, women like Dr. Lopamudra, who is a beacon of hope, with her tireless spirit and willingness to put in time, effort and pool in resources in order to make a transformative impact in the lives of women and men affected by breast cancer. Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy has been relentlessly working towards spreading awareness and working towards prevention of breast cancer. “Prevention & Early detection is the Key,” has always been motto. Visiting different parts of India and setting up camps, spreading awareness by distributing pamphlets of Breast Self Exam for Women & Men in local languages and trying to generate awareness not only at the community level but also among the youngsters. “Even educated women are not able to detect early signs of this disease due to ignorance. Women are still shy to discuss issues pertaining to their breast due to stigma & taboo. People are unaware that mammograms can miss tumors,” says Dr. Lopa. Qualified with M.Sc, MBA, Ph.D, she is the founder and President of Breast Cancer Hub. Armed with an extensive experience of over 18 years in research, teaching and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students (Ph.D candidates) in the field of Genetics, breast & pancreatic cancer, she received her Ph.D in Molecular Biology (Genetics) from Assam University. She did her post-doctoral fellowship from Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, USA in Cancer Immunology & Therapeutics focusing on Breast and pancreatic cancer. She received her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Northwestern Kellogg School of Management, Chicago, IL, USA. Through Breast Cancer Hub, she intends to bridge the gap between ignorance and awareness about breast cancer. “I am aiming to create a patient bucket through which we can provide treatment to patients who cannot afford it,”says Lopa. Her work focuses on increasing survival rate of patients and also string together resources which can help spread awareness. Dr. Lopa as we fondly call her, is one of those women whose sheer passion for a cause inspires thousands of others to join and contribute to it. Her extraordinary journey has been met with global support and acclaim. If you wish to join this meaningful journey or learn more about the organization, please visit YouTube channel:


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